ProMAC 2023

Special Lecture - Mr. Paul Hodgkins

Legacy, Leadership and Change

Mr. Paul Hodgkins
Mr. Paul Hodgkins
Former Executive Director of Paul Hodgkins Project Consultancy



Projects are undertaken by people, for people, through people.  Now more than ever, leadership in projects can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful result. But leadership, just as projects, is not static and neither should a project manager be.  Their ability to adapt their leadership style to the people and project situations they face can often be the difference that makes the difference. This workshop will touch on what is meant by situational leadership and how leadership relates to legacy and change.  It will help to understand the role our values and mind-set can have and it will position through the 'five E's,  the role leadership plays in change..



Paul Hodgkins joined Siemens in 1984 as a graduate trainee and within two years entered the world of Project Management. From February 2006 until June 2013, he was responsible for leading Siemens global programme addressing project business known as PM@Siemens across the UK and North West Europe.  During that period he was nominated as a key project and programme management influencer in the UK and was appointed as a Fellow of the Association for Project Management (FAPM). From July 2013 until April 2023 he managed his own business where he helped organisations to “unleash the power of projects and programmes.”  More recently, Paul has been working on innovative and transformative UK transport business change programmes.