ProMAC 2023

Review Process Update

ProMAC, an international conference sponsored by the Society of Project Management (SPM) with a rich 23-year history, has decided to revise the paper review process for ProMAC. The existing review process for submitted papers for ProMAC has been the same levels of review process for a journal reviewed papers. While this approach has been well received by authors who value research achievements, it has had the disadvantage of delaying the time when a decision is made on whether to accept or not.
Therefore, SPM has decided to employ the abstract review process, the usual review process for the paper of an international conference, to determine the accepted papers for the oral presentation of ProMAC. Accordingly, the papers accepted by abstract reviewing are always eligible for oral presentation at ProMAC by submitting a full paper that meets certain requirements.
Full papers submitted after abstract acceptance will be reviewed by two anonymous reviewers as before. However, full papers will not be rejected if they meet the following basic requirements: they must follow the specified format, be written in readable English, be complete and unambiguous in their claims, and not violate the copyrights of others.
On the other hand, each paper will be categorized into two classes: the reviewed paper for oral presentation and the non-reviewed oral presentation paper, according to the result of the full paper review. Despite this categorization, all authors and all papers will be treated exactly the same in the ProMAC program, and both categorized papers will be recorded in the ProMAC proceedings. The results of the categorization will only be reflected in the review report that will be returned to you after the review and in the statement on the presentation certificate that will be given to you in the presentation room.
Some papers that are categorized as reviewed papers will be invited to The Journal of Project Management by the editorial team as a selected paper.