ProMAC 2023

Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1

Navigating Project Success: Lessons from Vietnam

Mr. Truong Gia Binh

Chairman of FPT Corporation, Vietnam



Today's changing global economic and political situations pose a multitude of challenges to businesses at large and project management in particular. It has become increasingly important for companies to diversify their delivery locations to mitigate risks and maintain business continuity. In this context, emerging destinations like Vietnam stand out as a great option for its strategic location and young and tech-savvy workforce, among other untapped potential.



Keynote 2

Artificial Intelligence and Project Management: The positive and negative disruptions

Dr. Jesus Martinez Almela

Ms. Geetha Gopal

COO, Verdana International Limited



Lately, AI has been dominating our conversations and we have been struggling how to leverage AI at work. AI has also brought us both positive and negative impact. It has the transformative power in project management, and project managers need to be aware of that. From this presentation, you can explore the positive disruptions AI brings, including automated task management, predictive analytics, and real-time monitoring, leading to improved project outcomes and productivity. On the other hand, we will have potential challenges of AI like ethical considerations and job displacement, offering strategies to responsibly leverage AI for optimal results. This presentation will give you valuable insights and practical approaches to embrace AI's impact on project management effectively.



Keynote 3

    The reality of software development                                                                      Things that change, and things that remain

Mr. Umehara

Mr. Takeo Ogawa

Advisor of FPT Chairman

Advisor, FPT Japan



Takeo Ogawa started his carrier as a software engineer for small computers at Hitachi. He worked as a manager of embedded software development at a hardware factory, there he advanced to become the factory deputy manager.
He later took on the role of head of a software specialized factory and even served as the president of an affiliated company of Hitachi. In an effort to improve software development costs, he commissioned software development from the United States, China, and Vietnam. In particular, it has joined the FPT group to leverage Vietnam's development resources and development capabilities. In this presentation, he will discuss the challenges and solutions for expanding overseas development based on his experiences.



Keynote 4

Driving and Thriving: Culture of Health for People and Projects

Dr. Chanongkorn Kuntonbutr

Mr. Brian Cracknell

Director and Founder, Language Works Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

IPAM Malaysia Executive Committee Member



Every business is a health business in the current context of climate change. Yet organizations still seek a way to navigate the post-pandemic environment, responding to disruption and re-inventing themselves to remain competitive. Understanding the centrality of health in this emerging culture - and acting according to its principles - can help projects succeed. The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework for a Culture of Health for Business (CoH4B) uses evidence-based tools that promote a view of health in its broadest sense. Not only does it cover employees, consumers, community and environment, it also encompasses aspects such as financial, ethical and mental health.  CoH4B is both a critical issue and a way to measure standards. Post-COVID research and emerging trends show that prioritizing health in projects is fundamental to overall performance. This presentation will provide insights into CoH4B, and its value as a tool and standard. These insights will assist us in developing a runway to ramp up so that a culture of health drives our projects – and helps us thrive.



Keynote 5

Accelerating Digital Transformation for Banking at Scale – New Ways of Working

Mr. Devabalan Theyventheran

Partner IBM Consulting Vietnam & ASEAN Financial Services



As organisations move rapidly into the digitalisation era, the change impact across the board is enormous. Not only t has to find the right balance between running the organisation and changing the organisation, the biggest driver, its people would be a key determinant in any digital transformational initiatives.  Most underestimate this aspect, and what is key to success is to first ensure the change mindset is embedded across the organisation, so as to ensure the propensity to adopt to new ways of working and going beyond the comfort zone is cultivated and deeply rooted. In this session, Deva will show case how best to manage the execution of digital transformation projects while running the business as usual activities in parallel. Both requires detailed attention as the foundation to a successful for banks and organisation at large is premised on not only creating the wow factor but ensuring the customer experience from cradle to grave of any particular service or process is designed and thought through for its customer segments. Here the concept of “IBM Garage” will be introduced where the approach is to break the largest challenges an organisation has down to focused and refined ideas, and make rapid progress against them. This proven practice enable you to manage strategic initiatives in a holistic operating model to de-risk investments, quantify business outcomes, and advance organizational and cultural change. Bold IT transformations, re-imagined customer and employee experiences, intelligently automated business processes — it all starts with the “IBM Garage”. Case studies of successful digital transformation will also be shared in this session.



Keynote 6

Expectation to “Project” is changing - Lesson Learnt from Projects with Global Enterprise

Mr. Junjiro Yuba




Global business accelerates the complexity of Enterprise’s IT estate. Their Landscape of IT expands and need agile evolution to win relentless competition. LoB needs agile business applications development leveraging with Public Clouds, where IT needs governance on it. IT Resource is constraint as well. Enterprises are forced in the position to form Hybrid Team - Insourced Core team and strategic & tactical partners. Through the session, NTTDATA introduces the concept of smart-sourcing, showing case studies, and seek for the key to achieve sustainable success of global Hybrid IT rollout and operation.