ProMAC 2023

Presentation Guidelines

Breakout Session Overview

All breakout sessions take place at FPT Software F-Ville 2, Hanoi, Vietnam. Please check the ProMAC 2023 program for specific room and time assignments.
Oral sessions consist of 3 - 5 presentations, and each presentation is 20 minutes long including QA time.
[Note] All Presenters and Session Chairs must register for the ProMAC 2023 in advance.


Oral Session Speaker Guidelines


If you are presenting a paper, please follow the guidelines below:

  • You should prepare your presentation material in English and all sessions will be carried out in English.
  • Presentation material (PowerPoint) needs to be prepared in Microsoft Office 365.
    • If you want to use old versions or other software, you should convert it to Microsoft Office 365 format yourself.
    • You can also use PDF Current file for your presentation.
    • You can use Media Player and Audio Speaker for using videos & sounds in your presentation.
  • You can distribute material related to your presentation, unless you do your business. If you need more information, please contact a ProMAC conference staff.
    1. You should be in the appropriate room before the time the session will be started.
    2. Introducing yourself to your session chair, and provide him/her with a brief background statement that he/she can use in introducing you to the audience.
    3. Each speaker will have 20 minutes to give their presentation including 5 minutes for question from the audience and answer time.
    [Note] All presenters prepare to display the session material on a screen within each given presentation time.


Oral Session Chair Guidelines


If you are chairing a session, please follow the guidelines below:

  • All chairs need to prepare a watch yourself.
    1. Ensuring all speakers is present at their respective sessions.
    2. Introducing a speaker and his/her paper to the audience.
    3. Ensuring that speakers and sessions start and finish on time. (Each presentation is 20 minutes long including QA time.)
    4. Coordinating session questions and answers time.
    5. Please hand him/her the certification of presentation on ProMAC.
    6. Closing the breakout session after completion of all presentations.
    [Note] Please receive the certifications for each presenter from a ProMAC staff in the session room in advance.


Session Room Equipment


Each session room is equipped with a computer, a projector and a screen. Also, the computer supports USB type-A ports only.
We need to use equipped PC in each session room for our presentation, can’t use your own computer. Please bring your presentation data with USB memory key.


If you want to use a pointer, please prepare it yourself.
[Note] Some computers will be prepared for checking your presentation material in advance. It will be set up near the ProMAC registration desk.